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Chief Business Officer at Zaengle.

I help lead Zaengle, a technology company with a mission to “Be Nice, Do Good” on the web. We empower organizations for greater impact through digital strategy, custom software engineering, and web development since 2010. We also build and buy purposeful web businesses.

Prior to Zaengle, I helped design and build Code School, a bootstrapped tech education platform acquired by Pluralsight ($PS). I have extensive experience in the EdTech space having designed and built over 10 digital education platforms. Additionally, I've built two successful web engineering agencies and designed solutions for clients like Google, UCF, Arnold Palmer Hospital, NBC-Universal, University of Colorado, and Caterpillar.

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Long Bio

In which I talk about myself in the third person...

Jason is a tech entrepreneur, designer, and dad of 3. He's currently Chief Business Officer of Zaengle, a technology company with a mission to “Be Nice, Do Good” on the web. For over 14 years Jason has helped innovative organizations reach the other side of the screen (people) by bridging the gap between business and design. Prior to Zaengle, Jason led another successful web engineering agency where he helped design & build Code School, a bootstrapped product that went on to become one of the world's leading online education platforms. Jason was responsible for Code School's product design and user experience, and helped advise the design and product teams until Utah-based Pluralsight ($PS) acquired the product in 2015.

Jason studied Economics at UCF and The London School of Economics, and has been involved in all aspects of business from startup to growth to acquisition. As an independent design consultant over Jason has provided strategic consulting for companies like Yum! Brands, Google,NBC-Universal, Arnold Palmer Hospital, Kay Jewelers, UCF, GitHub, Tulane University, University of Colorado,Caterpillar, and over a hundred small businesses. He has written two books: Branding Matters, a book about branding for small business, and Three Pipe Problems, a book about solving problems through design.

Jason also serves on the board of Foundation Mondelus, and is working to create sustainable businesses in Haiti. Most importantly, he belongs to his wife Melanie, is dad to three kiddos, and lives at the beach. He's a former All-American swimmer, vintage watch enthusiast, and reps FSU football, UNC basketball, UCF, and Middle Earth.